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ESG Management Status


Duty 4 Earth
These are the four duties of LOTTE DUTY FREE to protect the Earth.

LOTTE DUTY FREE will become a corporation that takes
the lead in protecting the environment through eco-friendly activities.

Eco-friendly management
that leads the industry
“Duty 4 Earth”

Applying eco-friendly materials when packaging the duty-free products and
Eco-friendly materials used for shopping bags, and promotion materials
Hand over
Receipts and exchange slips provided digitally rather than paper
solar power panels and electric cars used at the distribution centers
Go Green
No more paper and longer battery life with electronic shelf labels(ESL)


‘LDF IMPACT’ Setting goals to spread the positive impact on the society.

LDF IMPACT is LOTTE DUTY FREE’s social contribution brand. With its long 42-year history, LOTTE DUTY FREE is expressing desire to positively impact the communities and countries we expand to.
See more LOTTE DUTY FREE’s social contribution activities at LDF IMPACT social media channels.

LOTTE DUTY FREE is a global travel
retail corporation that seeks to respect diversity
and contribute to a sustainable society.


Local coexistance project to foster the youth businesses

Planning a coexistance with small businesses through


Contribute this humanitarian movement



LOTTE DUTY FREE is striving to strengthen
the trust between customers, executives, employees,
and partners and achieve profit for the corporation
and society through transparent management.

Ethical Management

Putting ethics as the highest value, we seek
transparent corporate culture and socially responsible

Adopter of the Tripartite Standards

An initiative that distinguishes Singapore’s progressive employers

Fair Trade

Seeking social responsibility and combined growth with partners through an autonomous fair trading compliance program